Established in 1994, Chongqing Kuayue(Group) Co. Ltd has grown from a small company to a multiple business enterprise. Persisting the spirit of “  Hard working makes improvement everyday”and the business notion of “ Be Honest, Be Industrious, Be Innovation, Be Servicing”, our group consistently expand the business scope from not only focus on the commercial vehicle manufacturing and the real-estate development but also to the investment, auto parts manufacturing, fine chemistry, international trade business and IT research& development, which now has become a diverse business group.

Our outcomes are contributed to the vision of the management, effort of the employees as well as the development of the era. There are 7 subsidiaries and over 1800 employees so far. In 2011, our headquarter was moved from Shapingba District to Liangjiang New District, which met the new blueprint of Chongqing Municipal City and the development of our group, indicating a bright future will come and more fruitful achievement will be made.

In the past twenty years, Our group has been honorably awarded as the“Top 50 Private Enterprise in Chongqing”over 9 times since 1997,  as the “Key Development Enterprise” in several individual years, the “ Great Contributor to Country’s Development”by the time of our country’s 60th Anniversary in 2009, as the “Top 100 Enterprise in Chongqing”for successive 10 years since 2004.

Kuayue(Meaning Stride over in Chinese) is a status of overcoming and beyond, a spirit of positive practice without fears. Now the group is developing consistently, healthily and rapidly with its unique charming pattern. Think of the past, we have too many tears and joys, looking into the future, we feel more obligated to our society and families. Keeping our dreams, pursuing endlessly, seizing every single day, we will always be a pioneer to improve our core competitive power and optimize our business structures to embrace the coming fancy decades.